Car Shipping to Botswana - UK Exporters of New and Used Vehicles

Car Exporters UK is a leading vehicle locating and shipping company. We source, locate and ship motorcycles, Cars, 4x4s, Vans, Trucks, Minibuses, Buses, Coaches, Tractors and Machinery (including engines and car parts). Our services include Sourcing, Purchasing, Transporting and Shipping new and used motor vehicles and machinery from all over the UK and exporting them to private and commercial clients in Botswana.

In addition to sourcing, locating, purchasing and transporting cars to Botswana, we also prepare all documentation needed at the Port in Botswana on your behalf and arrange for inspections in order to comply with your local import regulations. We also offer guidance throughout the process and are able to assist with clearing of your motor vehicles or machinery from the port in Botswana right to your doorstep.

Car Shipping and Transportation to Botswana

Prices from £1 per mile

We offer Car Transportation and Delivery Services to best suit your needs and requirements. We arrange for vehicles to be collected from your premises and delivered to the required port ready for shipping or at our storage facility pending a shipping date to Botswana. We have regular full and part load trailer that can collect your vehicles from the Car Dealer to the port of delivery in Mainland UK. Whether we are collecting a vehicle that we have sourced and purchased on your behalf or one that you have purchased yourself, the cars are fully insured when being driven or transported to our storage facilities or port on mainland UK ready for shipment to Botswana.
RORO Car Shipping to Botswana

Prices from £1,450

Roll On/Roll Off (RoRo / Ro-Ro) Shipping is a method of sea shipping refers to vessels and vehicle carriers that are designed to carry wheeled cargo such as cars, trucks, trailer trucks, trailers or railroad vehicles that are driven on and off the ship on their own wheels. Many Cars to Botswana are shippied using this method as it is the most convenient and cost effective method of getting your Car to Botswana. This is in contrast to Lift On/Lift Off (LOLO or Lo-Lo) Shipping which refers to car carriers and vessels which use a crane to load and unload cargo.RORO vessels have built-in ramps which allow the cargo to be efficiently "Rolled On" and "Rolled Off" the vessel at the port.
Container Car Shipping to Botswana

Prices from £2,200

Container Shippingis a popular method for shipping high value vehicles and classic cars or for those who want to ship their cars as well as some of their personal items to Botswana. We collect your vehicle or you can deliver to one of our depots. Alternatively we can arrange to deliver the container to your address and unload the container to ground level to enable the loading of your car. Any extra space in the container, including the inside of the vehicle, may be used to store anything else you wish to send with your vehicle. You can choose the size of container you want to send your vehicle in, to Botswana. There are Private containers which are 20ft in size or 40ft. You can also opt to share a container with someone else sending their vehicle to Botswana. These are usually 40ft containers.


Due to our network of hundreds of motor dealers across the UK we can guarantee you some of the cheapest motor vehicle prices in the country and our direct connections with some leading shipping lines/companies means that we are also able to guarantee you some very competitive shipping rates for cars, trucks, and machinery from the UK to the Botswana Ports. If we source, supply or purchase vehicles on your behalf, then our quoted prices include domestic transfers/transportation, custom clearance in the UK, inspections fees, customs documentation, port movements to and from bonded area, boarding of carrier vessel, and marine Insurance.


We help you source, locate and purchase motorcycles, small cars, 4x4s, vans, trucks minibuses, buses, coaches, tractors and machinery (including engines and car parts) on your behalf from our network of hundreds of dealers across the United Kingdom and transport them to the UK shipping ports in preparation to be shipped to Botswana. The motor vehicles and machinery we source and supply to Botswana are handpicked and usually well above average condition. They are guaranteed true and conform to description on sales agreement. We only Source and supply Right Hand Vehicles available in the British Market. The Cars come with Service History, are certified to British Standards and are accompanied by Ministry of Transport (MOT) Certificate to this effect. The vehicles are HPI cleared before shipment (To ensure that they are not stolen Cars, Pre-Accident, have never been Flood Damaged and are not tied by any outstanding Finance Agreements) The Vehicles are also Valleted (Professionally cleaned to showroom condition) and are fully inspected by Engineers/Mechanics before shipment to Botswana.


We arrange the shipping of your vehicles or machinery to the port of your choice in Botswana by Sea or Air shipping through the UK Ports of Southampton, Sheerness, Tilbury, Felixstowe and Liverpool Southampton, Immingham, Grangemouth, Harwich, Thamesport, & Hull. We can also arrange for custom clearance when the vehicle arrives in Botswana but for more information on this please see below.


We also specialise in shipping vehicles by air. We have shipped hundreds of cars to locations around the world for various reasons including filming car commercials etc Destinations we ship to include Botswana. The main reason for shipping cars by Air include saving time or for extremely prestige and precious vehicles. We guide you through the entire process.


We collate and prepare all documentation needed in Botswana including inspection Documents, Log Books, Invoices, Bills of Lading, Marine Insurance Documents, Receipts and any other documents required for shipping to Botswana, and process these on your behalf.


We provide full support services by email, over the phone, or in person throughout the entire process of sourcing, locating and purchasing motorcycles, small cars, 4x4s, vans, trucks minibuses, buses, coaches, tractors and machinery and arranging for their export to Botswana.


Please contact a member of our team by phone or email for Roll On Roll Off (RORO) or Container Shipping Rates to Botswana. We can also provide you with further information and guidance regarding exporting vehicles to Botswana and the entire process from obtaining it for you to delivering it to your doorstep in Botswana. In order to book, please call us on +44 1913082561 above or email us at

Car Import Requirements For Botswana

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