We’ll buy a vehicle in UK on your behalf (or someone else’ behalf), and ship it to you internationally

For most International Clients, it can be difficult to negotiate, purchase, and ship a vehicle that is located in the UK, from overseas. Car Exporters UK offers you a solution that will give you peace of mind as well as convenience (especially because of the alarming rise in the number of buyers based outside the UK, being defrauded by criminals who pretend to sell cars on popular car websites)
This service is ideal if you locate your own vehicle through another dealership or another car website, a private UK seller, or if you locate a car in the UK by any other means. As your agent, we will negotiate on your behalf, conduct background checks, inspect the vehicle before purchase, collect it and deliver to the UK port of departure, and arrange for shipping of the car from the UK to your country.

Don't be a victim of UK car scams

We'll buy a car in UK on your behalf and Ship Export it to youAction Fraud UK, has a category of fraud called "Virtual Car Scam", where thousands of people across the world are scammed everyday by fraudsters selling non-existent cars on UK classified websites. Once you send your money to them, they disappear and there is absolutely nothing that the police can do to assist you, since you are not a UK resident. We offer overseas clients this bespoke service to prevent you from being defrauded, or buying worthless cars sold by rogue car dealers who don't inform you of defects until the vehicle arrives in your country.

Our Service Charge and Details

The price of this service is dependant on vehicle value - please contact us for a quote. We will act on your behalf as your broker, and you will get the following services from from us:

1) we will contact the private seller or dealer to check if the vehicle is still available for sale.

2) we will negotiate with the seller on your behalf depending on your instructions and proposals for purchase.

3) we will ensure that the vehicle does not have any adverse history e.g. it actually exists (as many criminals post non-existent cars), its not stolen, been in an accident, or outstanding finance etc. Prior to viewing and inspecting the vehicle, we will also conduct a background database check with the following organisations and provide you with a report of the outcome:

-- Police Records (PNC)
-- Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA)
-- Finance and HPI Companies’ database
-- Motor Insurers Anti-Fraud & Theft Register (MIAFTR)
-- Society of Motor Manufacturers & Traders (SMMT)
-- Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA)

PS: To avoid duplicate charging, for every car you provide to us that you are interested in buying, we will only provide you with a summary of the report highlighting important issues. The full report will be available to you once we recommend that you proceed with the purchase, and you pay the service-charge, to give you as much details as possible before you commit to the purchase.

4) If you are happy to proceed following the above report, we will conduct checks with the DVLA on the validity of the MOT Certificate and Tax status.

5) We will go to the seller and inspect the vehicle for any noticeable mechanical issues and cosmetic damages, and send you high quality photos and walk-through video for your consideration (please note this will be a check to verify that the vehicle is in a good mechanical and cosmetic condition as described by the seller I.e. to check that you are getting what you bargained for. If you require a detailed mechanical and engine inspection, we can quote you separately for that)

6) With all being satisfactory, we will make the purchase on your behalf, get the receipts and documentation completed and posted to DVLA as required, and retain these to post them to you by DHL along with the other vehicle shipping documentation.

7) We will then collect the vehicle from the seller and transport it to the UK port (please note this is not included in the service charge and our rate is £1 per mile from the vehicle location to the UK port. So for example, a vehicle in London would cost you £80 to collect and deliver)

8) We will ship the vehicle to you in your country (please note car shipping prices are not included in the service-charge. For the latest shipping rates and sailing schedule, please contact us and we will provide you with extremely competitive rates for shipping your vehicle from the UK to your country).

How to Order this Services

We get many enquiries and operate on a first-come-first-services basis, so please act immediately you locate a vehicle that you are interested in, so that we can make the necessary arrangements without undue delay, and so that the vehicle is not sold to someone else whilst you are on our waiting list. For this service, email us on the form below.

We will need the following from you


1) Vehicle Details and Location -  we will need the vehicle details (make, model, reg etc), the private seller or dealer's details, a website link, email contact or telephone number.

2) Your Details - for all international clients, we will need your full name, address, contact details, and some form of ID or company documents if purchasing on behalf of an organisation.This information is required for customs as well as anti-money laundering purposes.

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