Selling a vehicle and buyer wants to export / ship overseas?

This service is mainly for motor traders, car dealers, and private sellers who are based in the UK and have sold or planning to sell their vehicle to international clients based overseas.

We are able to assist with getting the vehicle shipped to the client abroad and take the hassle away from you. We have many years’ experience in shipping and exporting vehicles and will offer you the following services:

  - If you are concerned about payments, we can purchase the vehicle on behalf of the client i.e. they pay us and we pay you from our UK bank account or debit card;

  - We will liaise with the client and arrange collection of the vehicle from you;

  - We will arrange shipping and customs documentation from the UK side, including any pre-shipping inspections required for vehicles;

  - We will then ship the vehicle to the Client either through RoRo shipping or Container shipping depending on which mode they prefer, and we will also offer insurance to the Client if they demand it.

How to Order / Further Details

For the Seller – Simply get in touch with us with details of the vehicle and the client’s requirements, or alternatively provide our details (website, email, telephone), and we will liaise directly with the client.
For further information on our services, please:

 1) Visit our UK Car Collection / Delivery page. For this service, we will need the address for collection and details of the vehicle you want collected.

 2) Visit our Motor Vehicle Shipping page. For this service, we will need the details of the vehicle you want to ship, and the following documentation - i) V5 or MOT Certificate ii) Your name and Full address.

 3) Visit our Standard or Classic Motor Vehicle Supply page. For this service, we will need the vehicle make, model, year of manufacture, colour, transmission, engine size, etc and we will provide you options. Alternatively, browse our database of cars for export and select a model and submit an enquiry to us (below), and we will revert to you with further details.

 4) Visit our Motor Vehicle Purchase On your Behalf page. For this service, we will need the private seller or dealers details, website links, or email. We will then make the contact on your behalf and start the process of securing the vehicle and exporting it to you in your Country.
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