International Export of VAT Qualifying Used Cars from UK

What is VAT Qualifying Used Car?

A VAT Qualifying Car is a used car which the VAT was originally reclaimed by the buyer. This means that a VAT Registered individual or company buying the car solely for business use or for export outside of the EU, can reclaim the VAT from the purchase price. Most of cars used by car dealers for test drives or used at the dealerships, are VAT qualifying cars, or ones that businesses buy for using in the course of business. Most of these cars tend to have very low mileage (less than 500 miles), so are virtually new and popularly referred to as "nearly new" or "approved used" cars, and they are usually sold at hugely discounted prices.

20% Savings on VAT Tax

For information on what is VAT, please see our page Tax Free Cars. If a car is being exported out of the UK (and EU for now), then the buyer is not required to pay the VAT tax on that vehicle (it is also reclaimable if sold to a VAT Registered business or individual within the EU). So, in addition to this 20% deduction for VAT, international clients make a huge saving on the purchase of a VAT qualifying used car, since it is sold at a discounted price to begin with. European Union (EU) based clients cannot (at the moment), use this service as VAT is applied across the EU and therefore is not deductible.

Costs and Savings on VAT Qualifying Used Car for export outside of the UK.

Car Exporters UK offers a bespoke export service of ordering and Buying Cars for Clients outside of the UK. Therefore, we are able to manage the ordering and purchasing of your VAT Qualifying Used Vehicle, and export it to you with minimal input from you (in fact, most of our transactions are done over very brief number of emails, plus 1 or two phone calls). The Service charge is between 2.5 to 5% of the purchase price. So for example, a £20,000 Mercedes Benz will be an all-inclusive service charge of £500 (i.e 2.5% of purchase costs). The VAT savings on this example, would be £4,000 (i.e 20% of £20,000).

Services Included

Car Exporters UK specialise in the purchase, sale, and export of used cars that are eligible for VAT refunds / deduction, if they are being exported outside of the EU. We have access to a large range of used VAT qualifying and brand new tax-free vehicles, so if you are looking for a trusted service for exporting cars from the UK to your country, look to Car Exporters UK.

We ensure a seamless transaction, due to our staff's 17 year experience in the Car Export Industry, which makes us experts in this area. We also work closely with leading main dealers, haulage, shipping and logistics companies that enable us to offer highly competitive rates. We can guide you on the by-laws and regulations of your country before you export, as we have dealt with many Asian, Far East, African and Australian / New Zealand export Markets.

Our services include dealing with all aspects of shipping and exporting cars from the UK - We collect the cars from the dealers and deliver them to the port on your behalf, load them into a container or into the ship, if it is sailing by RoRo, and if it is going by air, then we deliver it to the cargo terminals in readiness for flying.

If you need advice or guidance on pre-shipment inspection requirements in your country, we will guide you and will ensure that these are carried out and certificates issued, before we load the car for shipment. The most common inspection companies used in the UK are JEVIC and QISJ.

Marine Insurance will be included as standard for all vehicles we export under this service, in the all inclusive price of the service charge.

All vehicles are HPI checked and background checked prior to export. In every case,  we instruct an independent inspector to assess the car and produce a report on your vehicle prior to purchase.

All documentation relating to the transaction, will also be send via DHL, tracked, as soon as the vehicle sails. This will include all documents you will need, e.g. Marine Insurance and the Bill of Lading, to clear your vehicle when it arrives.

How to Order

Our export service is available for professional Car dealers, private individuals, or other government and non-governmental organisations abroad. We supply both left hand drive and right hand drive vehicles. If you are a dealer and we do not currently have the cars that you are looking for in stock, please contact us and we will source the cars for you and provide you with stock availability.
We are able to supply and ship ANY vehicle at guaranteed lowest price in the UK due to our network of auto dealers, and our executives will assist you throughout the process including how to reclaim any tax on applicable cars leaving you free to enjoy your car without any hassle.
In order to supply a vehicle for you, please simply look at our database / Stock of Cars for Export to see if there is any vehicle that fits your needs, or submit an enquiry to us (BELOW) with details of the vehicle that you want and we will source some options and forward these to you until we come to an agreement.
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