Car Shipping to Dominica, Port of Roseau

Dominica's Car Shipping Destination Ports


Ship Transit Time from UK to Roseau Port, Dominica

14 Days

Dominica's Car Importation Age Restriction

No Car Age Restrictions

Car Road Worthiness Inspection Requirements for Dominica

No Inspection Requirement

Car Shipping and Export Prices to Dominica’s Port of Roseau

Car Exporters UK works with all shipping lines who export cars from the UK to the Dominica’s Port of Roseau. If you purchase your car through us, or want us to ship your own car that is located somewhere in the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland), we would usually ship these cars from the UK Port to the Port of Roseau in Dominica. We provide one of the following three methods of Car shipment to Dominica:

  • SHIPPING METHOD 1: Roll On Roll Off (RoRo or Ro-Ro) – This is the most popular sea shipping method where the vehicle (cars, trucks, trailer trucks, trailers or railroad motors), are driven on to the ship (or car carrier) at the UK departure Port of PPP, and driven off the ship (or car carrier) at the destination Port of Roseau in Dominica. Most Cars are shipped using RORO because it is the most convenient and cost effective shipping method, and is referred to as RORO because the ship (or Car carrier) has a built-in ramp which allow the cars to be "Rolled On" and "Rolled Off" the vessel.

    Cost of Car Shipping by RoRo to Dominica: from £1,000

  • SHIPPING METHOD 2: Car Container Shipping – This is a popular method for shipping high value vehicles and classic cars, or for those who want to ship their cars as well as some of their personal items. The cars are either collected from your home address or dealer, and transported to the port where the container is located, or, the container is delivered to your home address or dealer, where the car is then loaded into the container at ground level. Any extra space in the container (including the inside of the vehicle), may be used to store any other items that you wish to send with your vehicle. The containers come in two sizes (20ft or 40ft), or you can opt to share a container (and cost) with someone else sending their vehicle (only in 40ft containers).

    Cost of Car Shipping by Container to Dominica: from £2,000

  • SHIPPING METHOD 3: Air Freight Shipping – This is the fastest method to ship your car to Dominica, but it is the least popular one, due to the costs involved. The main reason for shipping cars by Air is for urgently needed vehicles as this saves a lot of time, or for extremely prestigious and precious vehicles. This is the preferred shipping method for wealthy customers or multinational corporations.

    Cost of Car Shipping by Air Freight to Dominica: £POA

Car Collection and Delivery to the Port of PPP, for Export to Dominica

Car Exporters UK can arrange for your vehicles to be collected from any UK (England, Wales, Scotland, or Northern Ireland) address or UK Car Dealer, using our full or part load trailer, and deliver the car to the Port of PPP to arrange for its shipping to Dominica. The cars are fully insured when being driven or transported to our storage facilities or port on mainland UK ready for shipment. We service the UK Ports of Southampton, Sheerness, Tilbury, Felixstowe and Liverpool Southampton, Immingham, Grangemouth, Harwich, Thamesport, & Hull.

Cost of Car collection and delivery to any mainland UK Port: £1 Per Mile

Specific Car Sourcing, Purchasing and Shipment to Dominica

Car Exporters UK works in conjunction with a substantial group of UK Car Dealers and can therefore guarantee the cheapest new and used car prices in the UK. We can source and purchase motorcycles, small cars, 4x4s, vans, trucks minibuses, buses, coaches, tractors and machinery (including engines and car parts) on your behalf from our network car dealers, and ship them to you in Dominica. All vehicles and machinery supplied by Car Exporters UK for export to Dominica are usually:

  • in excellent condition;
  • conform to description on sales agreement;
  • right Hand drive vehicles only available in the UK market;
  • come with full service history;
  • are certified to British Standards and are accompanied by Ministry of Transport (MOT) Certificate to this effect;
  • are HPI cleared before shipment (To ensure that they are not stolen Cars, Pre-Accident, have never been Flood Damaged and are not tied by any outstanding Finance Agreements); and
  • are also valeted (i.e professionally cleaned to showroom condition) and are fully inspected by Engineers/Mechanics before shipment.

Shipping Documentation We Provided for Cars to Dominica

Car Exporters UK will collate and prepare all documentation needed for shipping of cars to Dominica, which include Car Inspection Documents, Log Books, Invoices, Bills of Lading, Marine Insurance Documents, Receipts, and any other documents required for shipping, and process these on your behalf.

Support and Guidance for Car Shipping to Dominica

Car Exporters UK provide full support by email, over the phone, or in person throughout the entire process of sourcing, locating and purchasing motorcycles, small cars, 4x4s, vans, trucks minibuses, buses, coaches, tractors and machinery and arranging for their export. In addition to sourcing, locating, purchasing and transporting cars, we also prepare all documentation needed at your Port and arrange for inspections in order to comply with Dominica local import regulations. Please contact a member of our team by phone or email for further details on Roll On Roll Off (RORO) or Container Shipping Rates. We can also provide you with further information and guidance regarding exporting vehicles and the entire process from obtaining it for you to delivering it to your doorstep.

For more information and guidance, please call us on +44 1913082561 or email us at

Dominica's Car Import Taxes Rates and Duty

Import Duty- 40% of the customs value.
Customs Service Charge (CSC) - 3% of the customs value.
Environmental Surcharges- $3,000.00 per unit on motor vehicles manufactured five years or more, otherwise 1% of the customs value for vehicles manufactured less than five years.
Excise Tax- 28% of the customs value plus the import duty plus the customs service charge.
*Exemption is given on vehicles purchased by Diplomats.
Value Added Tax (VAT) - 15% on customs value plus import duty plus customs service charge plus the excise tax.
Registration and proof of ownership


Original Bill of Lading from Shipping Agent vehicle imports
Asycuda Bill of Lading from Shipping Agent
Proof of Payment (Bank Wire Transfer, Paypal etc)
Insurance Certificate
Certificate of title
Bill of Sale
Cancelation certificate (Japan)

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