Shipping / Export from UK to Roseau, Dominica

We specialise in shipping household goods and vehicles (cars, trucks, tractors, buses, motorbikes, etc) to Dominica from the UK (by RoRo or Container), and can guarantee the best shipping prices.

For UK based clients, we offer either shipping only, where you deliver your vehicle or goods to one of the UK ports of departure, or an all-inclusive shipping service where we collect your vehicle or goods from any UK address and ship them to Roseau.

For international clients, we can either source and supply new or used vehicles from the UK and export them directly to you in Dominica, or if you have identified or secured your own car in the UK, we can buy the vehicle on your behalf and ship it to you in Dominica.


Cost / Prices for Shipping to Roseau, Dominica


Saloon / Sedan cars (up to 1.6m height)


4x4 / SUV / Vans (up to 2.1m height)


20-foot Container (1 car)


40-foot Container (2 cars)


Other vehicles (Truck, Bus, Tractor, Trailer, etc)
£dimensions needed

Collection / Delivery (from any UK location)

£1 per mile

Shipping Methods to Roseau, Dominica

We operate one ship per week from UK to Dominica, through ports of Southampton, Sheerness, New Castle, Tilbury, and Immingham. We typically export to Roseau where you can collect the vehicle, OR using our local Dominican agents, we can arrange for the clearance of your vehicle when it arrives in Roseau.

The ships take approximately 17 days to get to Roseau from the UK. There are two main methods of shipping vehicles from the UK to Dominica:

- RoRo Car Shipping to Dominica from the UKRORO Shipping - RoRo is short for "Roll on Roll off" and is the simplest, cheapest, and most popular method of shipping. Vehicles are driven into the ship and securely fixed to the ship's deck, and when the ship arrives in Roseau, they are driven out of the ship. Putting personal goods in the vehicles is usually not permitted when shipping by RoRo.

- CONTAINER Shipping - this is where vehicles are secured in a container, which is then loaded onto the ship. Container shipping is a more expensive but secure option and is ideal if you are sending high-value vehicles or if you are sending other items with your car, such as household goods or spare parts.

Procedure / How to Book

Vehicle Collection / Delivery

Provide us with the address for collection and details of the vehicle you want to be collected. We will come to collect the vehicle at a convenient time and deliver it to the port.

Vehicle Shipping from the UK

* Provide us with your full name and address, details of the vehicle you want to ship, a copy of the V5 (or new keeper supplement), and the MOT certificate (if available)
* Deliver your vehicle to the UK port of departure using port documentation that we will provide to you (or we will pick your vehicle and deliver it to the port)
* Make payment (before the ship's departure date)
* We carry out customs clearance and issue you with documentation required to clear your car when it gets to Roseau.

Vehicle purchase on your behalf

If you locate a vehicle through a UK car dealer, private seller or another UK car selling website, we can act as your agent, negotiate on your behalf, and conduct background checks and inspections before you purchase the car (to make sure it is not a fraudulent advert, stolen, or has been in an accident).

We will then purchase it on your behalf, collect it, deliver it to the UK port of departure, and ship it to you in Dominica.

To order this service, provide us with the private seller, dealer, website, or email details, and we will make contact on your behalf and start the process of securing the vehicle and exporting it to you in Dominica. Full details and costs can be found on our page Buy vehicle in the UK on my behalf

New / Used Car Supply

We supply brand new and used vehicles from the UK and ship them directly to clients in Dominica. We also specialise in exporting tax free cars (Brand new or VAT qualifying used cars), so our Dominican clients can make huge savings when purchasing a vehicle from us.

We are able to source and supply ALL vehicles available in the UK market, which are either our own vehicles, or cars supplied by our network of dealers across the UK. Due to our extensive network, we guarantee to get you the cheapest prices in the UK, for cars, 4x4s, vans, trucks, minibuses, buses, coaches, tractors and plant machinery.

To order a vehicle, call us, email, or submit an online enquiry with the vehicle make, model, year of manufacture, colour, transmission, engine size, etc, and we will provide you with vehicle options within minutes. Alternatively, browse our database of cars for export, and ask for quotation to ship to Dominica.

UK Customs & Documentation

Car Exporters UK has direct access to the UK Customs Portal granted by the UK Government, so we will make customs and border entries on your behalf to avoid delays or your car being detained at the port.

We will also prepare all documentation needed in Dominica, including inspection Documents, Log Books, Invoices, Bills of Lading, Marine Insurance, Receipts etc, and will send these to you by DHL (tracked) in advance of the ship’s arrival in Roseau, to allow you (or your local agent), to start the customs clearing process.

Vehicle Shipping by Air

We have shipped vehicles to locations around the world for various reasons including filming commercials, racing, movies etc. The main reason for shipping cars by air include saving time or for extremely prestige and precious vehicles. We can provide very competitive air freight rates to Dominica, so please contact us for a quote.

Payment Methods

The following are the modes of payment we accept, but please note that vehicles will not leave the UK until full payment has been received and cleared in our account.

* Bank Transfer (Most Convenient)
* Credit and Debit Cards
* Western Union® or Moneygram etc
* Cheques (issued by UK banks ONLY)

Dominica Import Rules and Duty Calculations

Below is a quick summary of the rules regarding the importation of vehicles into Dominica. It is intended to be a guide only, and you must always ensure that you check with your own local authorities for firm confirmation. For more information on the requirements and import regulations for cars into Dominica, see the Commonwealth of Dominica Customs & Excise Division's car Importation guidelines, and our page How to Import - Dominica Car Duty / Tax Rules.

The following documents are needed to clear a vehicle from Customs:

* Invoice
* Original Bill of Lading from Shipping Agent or vehicle importer
* Asycuda Bill of Lading from Shipping Agent
* Proof of Payment (Bank Wire Transfer, Paypal etc)
* Insurance Certificate
* Certificate of title
* Bill of Sale
* Cancelation certificate (Japan Only)

Procedure to clear a vehicle from Customs

* A Broker/Tariff Clerk will assess an IM 4 Customs Declaration utilizing ASYCUDA accompanied by the invoice, bill of Lading and other supporting documents.
* Once the declaration has been assessed, proceed to a Customs Cashier with a copy of the Assessment Notice to pay the duties and taxes and obtain a receipt.
* After payment, the declaration will be electronically assigned to Valuation and an examining officer. The declaration and supporting documents will then be verified as well as a physical examination of the vehicle.
* After examination, the officer will clear the declaration and print a release order. The system will notify the Broker/Tariff Clerk that the declaration has been released by customs.
* Proceed to the location where the vehicle is located to pick up release order from examiner then present to DASPA for delivery.

If Concession Applicable

The Fiscal Incentives Department oversees all duty-free importations. Please provide them with a letter and/or FTI 101 from appropriate authority authorizing approval of concession(Ministry of Finance, Permanent Secretary, Cabinet etc)


A Broker/Tariff Clerk will assess declaration in ASYCUDA as above and pay any applicable taxes. After payment, the importer should obtain Registration# for the vehicle from the Inland Revenue Department and present it to the Fiscal Incentives Officer. At this point, the declaration should be released from Fiscal Incentives and the importer should proceed to Valuation to complete the clearance process.

Placing a Vehicle into a Bond / Warehouse

Persons may import vehicles and place in a bond (warehouse) rather than pay the applicable duties on importation. The importer must seek permission in writing from the office of the Comptroller of Customs in order to place vehicles in an approved bond.

Vehicles over 10 years of age may not be bonded without authorisation from the Comptroller. When the request is approved, the importer may proceed to broker and continue the clearance process. The vehicle will be accompanied by a customs officer to the bond and the keys will be held by Customs.

How to duties and taxes are calculated on a vehicle.

Duties and taxes are based on the Customs Value of the vehicle. Customs Value includes the cost (based on open market), insurance and shipping cost. The duties and taxes paid are determined by the applicable Tariff Code and the Customs Procedure Code (CPC).

Used vehicles aged over 5 years incur an Environmental Surcharge of XCD 3,000.00 whereas vehicles aged under 5 years incur an Environmental Surcharge of 1% of the CIF (Cost, Insurance and Freight) Value.

Please note that unless explicitly stated otherwise by us, you are entirely responsible for your local clearance, customs and freight costs and regulations of the Dominica government.
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