Vehicle Exports to Port Louis Mauritius

We’re specialist exporters involved in shipping vehicles from the UK to Port Louis, Mauritius, your vehicle will be in safe hands with our team of export experts who have been in this industry for decades. We offer the following Car Export Services from the UK to Port Louis, Mauritius:

- Sourcing vehicles for export
- International Trade Sales
- Private sales
- Export Shipping and logistic services
- UK import sales
- Tax Free Car Export Sales and VAT reclaim services
- Export Documentation and Completion 

Under the Mauritius Consumer Protection (Control of Imports) Regulations, a pre-shipment inspection requirement was implemented to assure consumers in Mauritius of the quality and safety of used vehicles that they are purchasing. Imports of all used motor vehicles must be accompanied by an inspection certificate issued by an approved inspection body. The inspection has a number of requirements including:

•    Must be righthand drive
•    Age restriction from year of first registration
•    No bullbar allowed
•    Must be in roadworthy and useable condition
•    The vehicle is not stolen
•    The vehicle must be inspected not earlier than 2 months prior to shipment
•    Not having been subject to flood or other water damage
•    Odometer tampering is not allowed
•    Be subject to a vehicle condition survey
Where the vehicle is imported from Japan, the auction grade of that vehicle is required.

Specified age requirements from the date of first registration:

•    Motor Cars - must be more than 18 months and less than 4 years.
•    Dual purpose vehicles - between 18 months and 4 years.
•    Goods vehicles - not more than 6 years.
•    Vans - not more than 4 years.
•    Motor Buses - not more than 3 years.
The inspection fee per unit (incl. tax and regardless of type) is as follows:
•    Japan = ¥10,450
•    Singapore = S$250
•    UAE = AED540
•    UK = £150

All used vehicles must meet the requirements and obtain the Inspection Certificate to enable Customs clearance. Before clearing the car, he should submit the following documents to the Customs & Excise Department (We will ship these documents to you by DHL):

•    Originals invoices and Bill of lading.
•    Export Certificate and Cancellation of Registration Certificate.
•    Pre-shipment Inspection Certificate for Japan.
•    O.T. Test certificate for U,K. or SAARPCO Certificate for S.A.D.C countries.
•    Up to date service history
•    HPI certification (Mileage verification and No serious damage history)
•    Manufacturers book pack
•    A locking wheel nut (if applicable)
•    Spare key
•    V5 Logbook
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